SINCE 1949

We are footwear producers with a long history in the family.

Over the years, our heritage combined with maritime location has provided us with the perfect conditions for creating the Portside brand.

The handmade sailing shoes since 1949

The need to create a line of footwear that combines comfort and quality with nautical activities resulted in the launch of the Originals collection in 1949, boosting the emergence of the first sailing shoes in Europe.

The Originals range keeps up to this day!

The appearance of the brand in 1989

In 1989 the Portside brand was created and reflects the result of the experience of more than three decades combined with the need to achieve new styles and bring all the quality, durability and aesthetics to the day-to-day.


The various Portside logos over the years.

The Handcrafted World

The construction process, the quality of materials and several years of experience from specialized footwear technicians are what makes the Portside brand so special. We follow strict quality standards in the production of our footwear and believe that this is the recipe for the realization of products with high quality and that satisfy our customers.

The timeless brand

Os sapatos da Portside reflectem o valor das coisas que são feitas para durar. They are meant to walk with you, share memories and be part of your stories, and so they improve over time.

The footwear reflects the desire to explore individual opinions with a focus on “The look of a lifetime”.

These principles are present in the production of the collection and it is this atmosphere that we intend to pass on to our customers.

The creation of the Basics and Essentials lines in 2018

In order to remain a timeless brand Portside has created in 2018 two lines capable of responding to the needs of people’s daily lives.

With a simplified construction and materials designed to ensure comfort, the Basics and Essentials lines are the perfect answer to the need for a product more adaptable to the current market.

Keeping Portside’s signature quality at all times, these two lines were an opportunity to take the brand to a wider audience.

How are our shoes made?