The Portside Construction Systems

The construction process, the quality of materials and several years of experience from specialized footwear technicians are what makes the Portside brand so special.

We follow strict quality standards in the production of our footwear and believe that this is the recipe for the realization of products with high quality and that satisfy our customers.

Montego Cy Sombrero

Midsole Construction

What is the Midsole Construction?

This type of construction is characterized by the addition of an padded midsole with cowhide flips between the sole and the upper. This element adds extra comfort to the shoe and allows the impact to be cushioned while walking.

The bonding between the midsole and the outsole becomes stronger and adds greater robustness to the shoe providing unparalleled durability. Additionally it prevents the water and other elements to enter by the bottom of the sole.

It is the system used in all Portside Originals shoes and the secret for the long duration of the footwear.

Even with intensive use, there are several cases where the shoes duration exceeds 10 years.

The Originals Building System!

The Soles

Midsole Construction

Cup Sole

The favorite of lovers of nautical activities due to Razor Cut technology. The design of this zigzag-cut outsole is designed to facilitate rapid water removal and increased traction to the floor, causing greater grip and flexibility. Consisting of 100% Rubber.






Treck and Trial Soles

Distinguished by its high profile, these soles add to the shoes the resistance capacities to various environments, even those in more extreme conditions. Constituted by 100% Rubber allows great flexibility and comfort. They are the perfect choice for adventure and mountain sports lovers.

Find them in the Portside Originals M. Boot models and in the classic Portside Originals Montego Shoes!


Blake Construction

What is the Blake Construction?

This construction system is characterized by the direct fixation of the sole in the upper. First the sole is glued and then sewn directly to the shoe. This process allows for faster production but also makes the footwear lighter reflecting in its use – Light and comfortable walking.

The Soles

Blake Construction

Strand and Riff Soles

Quite comfortable these soles are built by layers on the inner surface to cause greater cushioning on the foot while walking. They are designed to remove weight and the Chock Stop system absorbs the impact. The outsole is sewn around the shoe and its outer surface consists of water drainage channels. 100% Rubber Composed.

Metro Sole

The Metro sole can be found in the classic shoes and was created to replace the sometimes less comfortable leather soles. At the same time this outsole gives comfort, traction and flexibility to a formal look, characteristic of the rubber soles.

Flora Sole

Designed in 1992, this sole is made of all the properties of the rubber outsole ÔÇô it allows more flexibility and comfort. It’s elongated shape and the design on the outer surface of the sole were specially designed for the female audience. This sole is present in several Portside female lines like the classic Tube and Pawnee and integrate the Belmonte line created in 2018.


Cemented Construction

What is the Cemented Construction?

This construction system is characterized by the direct fixation of the sole in the upper. It is an immediate assembly process based on the glueing of the sole to the shoe. What distinguishes it from the Blake construction process is the fact that in this system the sole is not perforated with the need to sew, which allows the use of other materials in the construction of the sole like the PU (polyurethane).

The Soles

Cemented Construction

Nautical Outsole

The Nautical outsole emerged as an alternative to the use of rubber soles and was thought for more casual looks. It’s part of the shoes of choice of nautical activities lovers. The PU outsole is characterized by its lightness and allows adherence to the floor while its canals help in the water flow.


Malibu Sole

The Malibu outsole is also consisted of PU, characterized by its elegant lines that allow a more feminine look to the shoe. Its lightness and shape provide great comfort and for that are present in most casual footwear. Its PU surface facilitates cleaning.