Superflex and the XL EXTRALIGHT® tecnhology.

The Technology


The soft XL EXTRALIGHT® weights three times less than the other materials. It’s light, flexible and with a natural shock absorber for extra comfort in the back and feet.

The Soles are more comfortable, lighter, stronger and better performing than other products with the same mechanical properties.



They are light, comfortable and resistant: their closed cell structure prevents

it to absorb liquids and it doesn’t stimulate the proliferation of bacteria, while possessing excellent waterproof properties.

Its ad hoc formation favors the SHOCK-ABSORBER effect which is specifically advantageous in improving foot support.

XL EXTRALIGHT® makes the most of footwear, ensuring comfort and style.



This process maintains the performance and characteristics of XL EXTRALIGHT® soles virtually unchanged.

It complies with the environmental sustainability commitment of Finproject for the recovery of waste.

In addition, we have improved our responsibility to preserve the environment by using clean energy that comes from our photo-voltaic plants.