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WTD Waterproof Membrane

WTD Membrane Advantages

With a waterproof membrane applied between the outer leather and the lining, our WTD boots are perfect for intensive use during rainy days.

This membrane is designed to prevent water from entering and at the same time allow moisture to be extracted, this facilitates the breathing of the foot, keeping it dry.

When your shoes get wet and consequently your feet get wet, your body loses heat and feels uncomfortable.

Our products offer innovative and durable waterproof protection that you can always rely on on rainy and snowy days.

Our products are vigorously tested for reliable protection, even under demanding conditions, even though they are casual wear products, they are built for extreme situations.

Our waterproof membrane contains pores smaller than a drop of water but larger than a water vapor molecule. This way rain and snow can’t get in, but sweat can get out.



WTD Waterproof Construction

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